Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long Distance Editing

This week two students had a new experience with their story writing. Their stories were edited by some students from St Clairs school in Dunedin.

First they wrote their stories in Google Docs. Then we shared the docs with the teacher in Dunedin who shared them with her students. The students worked in small groups to edit the stories.

Once they had finished editing the stories we then looked at them and talked about what the SuperScoopers had written.

This is what Taylor and Adelka had to say about the experience:

  • We learnt so much from other students editing our work.
  • It was really good to learn about the technical details
  • It was a bit embarrassing to think that other kids were reading our work
  • It was scary exciting
  • I felt shy about it
  • But it was cool too that someone else was reading my story

As a class we then looked at another student's story and were able to make some great comments on his writing based on what we'd seen in the other two stories. 

It was a fantastic and empowering experience!