Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visit from Vane

Yesterday after morning tea we had a visit from a guy called Vane. He was from the ASB bank. He came to teach us about money and not spend it on things you do not need and to be wise with money.He also taught us some ways we could earn money and how much we could save if we be wise with our money. He told us that “if you save in a bank you will get interest” And I thought that was pretty cool. And that was my story about the visit from Vane.

By Antonia

My Favourite Sport

The coach took a deep breath and blew the whistle. I grab the ball off the other team and passed it on. As we get the ball closer to our goal the other team snatches the ball off us. “Defend, Defend!” Shouted our parents. Someone passes the ball to me. I hear the echo of the ball when it lands in your hands. Beeeeeeeeeep goes the whistle. Its half time. We change our positions. Oh no, The coach hands me the GS bib (goal shoot). We go back on the court the score is 1/1. If I don’t get the next goal the other team could win. It is now up to me. The whistle goes again. I wait till the ball comes to me. It slowly comes then drifts away again. Zoe passes the to me. Its my time to shine. I look up to the goal. “Concentrate” I tell myself. I bend my knees and my elbows. I go for it and let the ball out of my hands and “Yay” my Team shouts. I did it!

By Paige

The Snow Day

On Monday at around about 7:00 it was so cold I did not know why until it started to hail and then it came drifting down like little white parachuting men flying to melt on the deck. It was so cold the snow stayed on the deck for a little while and then melted. It also snowed at 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00. after the 2:00 snow storm I got my jersey on and stepped through a portal to a new white world. We made snow balls and threw them at each other! Mum took some photos of the white world. As the little men parachuted down from the heavens and I was standing still, I felt like everything was in slow motion in this strange new white world. That night mum faced the forces of this new world, and on the windscreen of our snow mobile parked in the driveway she wrote “Cool Stuff 2011”. She made us a snowman, he was a creepy fellow, looking in our window from his white planet.  And I will tell you something amazing…..he stayed there for all the next 24 hours, sadly melting into cracks of the white-worlds deck.  Leaving only a wet puddle, and two sad chocolate-button eyes, and a carrot noes.  But this story does not end here.  The troops of ants will come and break off little tasty morsels from the sad little chocolate button eyes, and take it back to their hungry little child ants, no bigger than a speck of dust.  They will devour it, so slowly that it will last at least a month.  The carrot will be taken away by the chirping cute sparrows that will give their just hatched babies.  They will chirp in delight.
But just because our little snowman friend has gone it does not mean that we forget about him, we will always remember him, and will remember the day that it snowed in Paraparaumu.

By Jacob

My first day at Raumati Beach School

I had a great first day at school. This is what I did:
First we sat down and did the register.
Then Miss Fothergill read a bit of Dragon Rider.
After that we wrote in a leaflet about money.
Next we went out to have break.
Then we all came inside to do some work.
Next we did a Skype session
But we only got to do a tiny bit because it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!

Finally we all went home.

By Lucas

Monday, August 22, 2011

Telescopic Text

We've been learning how to write telescopic text. First we looked at the example on the website ( then we had a go at creating our own examples. Here are some of them:

The links will take you to the page where you can expand/unfold the sentences.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Judo Drama

In the holidays I had to go to hospital.

When I got thrown in my judo tournament I hurt my neck so I got rushed to hospital just in case I had either fractured or broken my neck. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance the medic {who was called tom} gave me some strawberry flavoured medicine that tasted yummy.

When I got to the hospital {and waited for 3 hours} I had an x-ray done on my neck. Once the doctor had taken a look at the x-rays he said that I would be OK.

After that I went to KFC with my dad. I got a quarter pack and my dad got an ultimate burger meal and then we went home.

By Ollie

Kung Fu Panda

In the holidays I went to see Kung  Fu Panda 2 in 3D. It was awesome. 

My favourite part was when Po was fighting the hyenas. 

The sad part was when his mum left him in a basket full radishes. Me and my mum were sad. My mum stated to cry when his mum left him in the basket. 

I enjoyed the movie. 

After the movie we went to Kmart. I got two bayblades in a two-pack and then went home.

By Zane

Crabbing in New Plymouth

My holiday highlight was when I went crabbing in New Plymouth with my dad, sister, uncle, cousin and a friend of ours.

It was really fun, we found a few huge crabs, some medium sized crabs and a lot of baby crabs. We also found some tiny little fish and some tiny little wormy things but we did not no what they were called. We saw a lot of starfishes: we saw some big ones, small ones red ones and green ones.

We had to climb from rock to rock and some of the rocks were really slippery so we had to be really careful. One time I stepped on a really slippery rock accidentally and I fell into the water and I got all wet.

That was the worst part about going crabbing but other than that it was really fun. And that was the highlight of my holiday.

By Antonia