Monday, August 22, 2011

Telescopic Text

We've been learning how to write telescopic text. First we looked at the example on the website ( then we had a go at creating our own examples. Here are some of them:

The links will take you to the page where you can expand/unfold the sentences.


  1. They are SOOOOOOOO cool Room 12. I can just imagine the fun you had creating those stories. You made them soooo much more interesting and gave so much more detail.
    Well done.
    Anne K

  2. Wow, these are SUPERB! I will definitely be using these with my class very soon. Thank you Room 12. Mrs O'Connell, Lawrence Area School

  3. wow I like that one about I went riding. cool words I like it. How did you make it?

    by DK

  4. We have done a wild selves too.
    How many wild selves have you done?
    Did you shere any wild selves with anyone?:)