Thursday, June 17, 2010


Connor's grandparents live in South Africa and sent him a small size Vuvuzela. We think it would be a good way to call kids back into class after play.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We were excited this morning after the 1-1 draw in last night's game between NZL & SVK. Some of the students hadn't seen any of the game so I played this for them. I seriously didn't coach them in what to do.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Paper plane
Aero dynamic
Easy to make
Ruling to find out how far

Plain piece of paper
Lots of paper
Around went my plane
Nice to do a competition with other classes in NZ
Extra excitement
Super fun

Flight of the Planes!

On the 10th of june we brought paper planes from home and made them at school for a plane competition!

Plane competition!
Arty and fun!
Planes to fly!
Everyone enjoys!
Rulers to measure!

Planes to use!
Love flying planes!
Air to fly with!
New designs from everyone!
Excitement of flying the planes!
Speed of the plane!

Paper Airplane Challenge

Room Nine has been doing a paper plane plane flying contest.
First Ms Fothergill  told us what we had to do and she showed some ways to make paper planes, then we got to go and make some paper planes .
Next we ran around the class room screaming and testing our paper planes. Mine weren’t as good as I thought they would be, so I made some more.
After that we went outside to see how far they could go. Unfortunately my planes only went half a metre so I went back inside to try making some different ones but I accidently made a sailers hat instead!
A week later we had the final test. Room Nine, Mrs McEntegart and Ms Fothergill went to the hall fo the competition.
I didn’t win but I but I got six metres exacly and I bet a lot of  boys. Then we got our picture taken.
It was a lot of fun!

Paper Plane Challenge

Playing with them was fun.
Also making them too.
Paper planes take a long time.
Everyone flew a plane.
Riding on air.

Please step up to the line.
Lets go.
And fire.
Next person.
Everyones planes got measured.
So that is the paper plane challenge.

Paper Planes




One day, or was it two days, I’ll just say it was one day we, Room 9, competed in the UNOFFICIAL WRIGHT BROTHERS PLANE THING CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!! 

First  we made hundreds of planes and flew them crazily around the class. One of them came up behind me and hit me in the head.  Mine was alright because it could fly to one side of the classroom to the other. 

We chose 3 or 2 to play with outside. Mine wasn't very good for the conditions out side.

We then chose our best plane for the competition then we went into the hall to fly them. Mine didn't do to well because I threw it to hard.

Connor, Oliver and Zac tied in first place!!!!!!!!! 

I had alot of fun playing with PLANES!!!