Friday, June 11, 2010


One day, or was it two days, I’ll just say it was one day we, Room 9, competed in the UNOFFICIAL WRIGHT BROTHERS PLANE THING CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!! 

First  we made hundreds of planes and flew them crazily around the class. One of them came up behind me and hit me in the head.  Mine was alright because it could fly to one side of the classroom to the other. 

We chose 3 or 2 to play with outside. Mine wasn't very good for the conditions out side.

We then chose our best plane for the competition then we went into the hall to fly them. Mine didn't do to well because I threw it to hard.

Connor, Oliver and Zac tied in first place!!!!!!!!! 

I had alot of fun playing with PLANES!!!

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  1. We had a lot of fun competing in the challenge, Lachie! I hope you did, too. We will share our phots, graphs and poems next week with you!