Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OKE words

We've been looking at word patterns and making big words. Here is a wordle of all the words we found with the OKE pattern in them.

Wordle: oke words

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who am I? by Carter

Who am I? by Aidan

Who am I? by Luke

Subject: Spaceship Story.Genre: Horror. Title: My Life As A Slave.

WARNING: Dear my very brave reader. I know it is my sad duty to write the story of the wretched life of the child in this book, but that does not mean you have to read it. I  beg you to rip your eyes off this book, and throw this petrifying story down a well; and read something that won’t keep you awake at night scared out of your skin.

DING DING DING! The morning break bell ran throughout the school of Raumati Beach, and a stampede of kids ran to their freedom. My name is Sebastian Snicket, the wimpiest year 8 at school. In fact the only people who don’t treat me like a turd are Cedric and James Lestrange. Although that’s only because they’re too busy studying for some stupid math quiz to notice me.

“Hey you!” Oh no, that’s Doug Verhaart the toughest, strongest, most braindead kid in school. I try to bolt but unfortunately I’m not the best sportsman in the world. Okay, understatement of the century, I’m propably the W-O-R-S-T worst at sports in the world but that’s beside the point right now. “Got ya” he whispers murderously in my ear. Did I mention he makes me wet myself everyday and then almost kills me with embarrassment?

He drags me across the field to the shack. The place no-one goes because It’s apparently “his territory”. For some reason every thing seemed, well, more abandoned and derelict in a way. Doug didn’t seem to notice. He grinned a spinechilling grin as he pulled his thermos full of warm water out off his pocket. As the water settled in the lid he set it down carefully on the dusty wooden planks.
Very slowly still with that nasty smirk on his face he grabbed my arm and pulled down hard. I grimaced in fear and pain. Doug placed his hand on my chest and pressed down till I collapsed. DARN THAT SMILE! He was staring at me so intensely now I was almost in tears, and as if that wasn’t enough,he still had that stupid smirk on his face! Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, saliva started dribbling down his chin. He was gazing at me dreamily now, wait a second I knew that look! It was the look someone had when there was something delicious in their possession, and they were savouring the moment before they were about to take their first bite. Something had gone terribly wrong… DOUG WAS GOING TO EAT ME!

I had to get out of there pronto. I was still aware that I could have lost my mind, and had made it all up, but I wasn’t gonna take any chances! I tensed, his grip tightened and his head came looming in. I screamed for help that would never arrive. I started wriggling and writhing trying desperately to regain my freedom, but Doug was already upon me. Doug’s skin had turned a cold clammy grey, his teeth were like big pointed needles, his hair had vanished, and his pupils reflected wild fire dancing and flickering uncontrollably. I screamed again helplessly. I tried once more gathering up all my strength and gave an almighty kick, which actually managed to throw him off me. As I mentioned before I’m no-good at anything physical, but that kick really packed a punch! For a few precious moments Doug lay sprawled on the floor utterly bewildered by my effort. I wasted no time and scrambled to my feet. All I had was two scrawny legs and a few seconds of a headstart, but complaining wouldn’t do me any good, so I ran for it! Doug was quickly gaining on me. I gave everthing I had left into making a great surge of energy.

Dirt’s flying out beneath me, and the wind is whipping my face. I lengthen my strides, I am quite sure I have lost my mind now, because I stopped. Yes, you read that correctly, I stopped in my tracks, because there before me was paralysing, petrifying, purple space ship. It was covered in horrendous, hypnotysing, hieroglyphics. It was magnificently, miraculously, massive! Suddenly a crimson light shot out from the mysterious object and moved vertically up and down my body, like it was scanning me! Mist started filtering out some holes and drifted, gently swallowing the spaceship. The strange red light flashed on and off, like a warning. I blundered blindly through the mysterious fog, following the paprika beam. Oh, why was this happening to me?

SMACK! “OUCH!” I cried out in pain before I could stop myself. I reached forward finding myself touching cold hard steel. Turns out I just banged my head on a U.F.O! My heart skipped a beat. My stomach was in my mouth because something from a world of nightmares had grasped my arm. A scaly hand was clasped over my mouth, I was being dragged towards what looked like a door. I screamed in terror, pleading muffled prayers, begging god to help me. BANG! An unbearable paid erupted on the back of my head, and then, it was black…

I let out a long groan as the memories of the rest of the day came flooding back to me. My limbs were tied to a large wooden pole and my mouth was stuffed with a rag that tasted like mud. I strained my neck to try and get a better look at my surroundings. Strangely to my left and right were two other prisoners. One had sandy brown hair that came right down to his eyes’ and legs made of skin and bone. The other had blonde hair that was really short. They both seemed out cold though.

“Aah, the little ones awake” cooed a cold steely voice. Then an uncomfortably familiar hand extended one gnarly green finger that slid across my throat. The ropes holding me loosened, and I broke free. My wrists and ankles were red from the shortage of blood getting past, but I was still relieved to be free…But was I free? I turned round slowly fearing what horrific sight would lie before me. I screwed my eyes up tight and finished turning, gathering all my courage I opened my eyes with a grunt…Wishing I had kept them shut.

A sickly, slimy, scaly, sly, snake-like, slick green figure stood staring at me with with a wicked grin. Another strange shape sulked in his shadows. “He looks absolutely divine” hissed the first creature. I was a little confused. Was it flirting, or making a meal out of me? “Why do you get the brain?” snapped the sulky one. “Becaused I said so, so shut up Maurice!” said the first creature sounding rather irritated. “You know just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s utterly compulsory to agree with”, mumbled Maurice crossly under his breath.

Out of the blue something clicked inside my head and I came to my senses and ran for it. What was I thinking? I ran straight into the wall, creating a sudden burst of noise. The aliens instantly reacted grabbing my uniform and tugging hungrily, ripping the material. I screamed for mercy, but they had none. Their long claws drew blood from my body, it looked like the end of me.

I don’t know what happened next but it was a life saver. “I’ll be your slave! I cried. A moments silence occured as thes words were spoken. “If you dont do as we say we will eat you…STAND UP!” ordered my new master. “Untie the short haired pest, we’re still hungry” cried my Boss.

Sick with regret I untied the poor unconscious boy from the post and handed his limp body over to the aliens. They dropped the helpless heap carelessly on the floor, laughing cruelly. The force of his fall caused him to start muttering dreamily, and open his eyes. “Quick he’s waking up” said Maurice. ” I know that you idiot” retorted Master. They both called their savage victory cry, and lowered their heads. The most disgusting thing happened next, as small bits of flesh and blood flew from the corpse, the two aliens ate their full.

Half an hour later I was rudely ordered to clean the remains. I always wanted to get out of doing chores, but this was a whole new level. Unwillingly I took a mop, gloves, and a bucket, and kneeled down to start work.

After slaving away for a fortnight, I had been beaten, yelled at, overworked and exhausted, but I actually accomplished a dream… Going into space! I’ve watched comets fly past, and I’ve seen the craters on the moon. I think my cloud has been blessed with a silver lining.I wondered what errands I would do today.

BONG! The spaceship shook as the breakfast gong’s thunderous sound echoed within the walls of the spaceship. As I gulped down the disgusting slop I was given, I waited patiently for the daily plan, but it didn’t come. Finally, Master spoke. “Today we will be going to…” He paused, enjoying the suspense. “Mercury”. I gasped in terror. “But I’ll get cooked!” i yelled. “Exactly, you get roasted and we feast!” cried Maurice.

I was petrified, I can’t believe I had been so stupid! If I disobeyed them now I’d get eaten now, and if I didn’t I’d get eaten later. I decided to get eaten later. I despaired as we sped closer and closer to the sun. “Wait” I said urgently, “won’t you get cooked too?” “we are fire proof” snarled Maurice. Sweat was now dripping off me, and I could feel the temperature rising.

Suddenly a burst of light and warmth formed, and all my hopes were engulfed in the flames.

By Emma

Opinion: Can you be a good thief?

Well, you can be a good thief by being good at stealing stuff  but you can’t be a good thief because when your a thief you steal stuff and stealing is bad.

But on the other hand you may be forced to steal something by an even more advanced thief so in that scenario you may not be a bad person, you just did something that is bad.

And someone may have stolen [a baseball for example] and you may go and try to ‘steal’ it back you would not be ‘stealing’ it back because they stole it from you!

But if you do steal (not using all of those scenarios) you are doing a bad(or not good) deed.

So to sum it all up then you can’t be a good thief but you can be good at stealing but stealing is bad so I don’t advise becoming a thief when you are older and need a job.

By Drew

Kapiti Daily. Spaceship lands in local school!

Kapiti Daily Spaceship lands in local school! writes Elliot, special correspondent.

Fear has struck the students of Raumati Beach school and surrounding areas today. A weird spaceship (UFO) was seen hovering over a playground at the school. “I saw the whole thing” says a student. “This spaceship type thing appeared out of nowhere, then it made a landing on the playground. Then three weird things came out”.

The ‘weird things’ came out of the spaceship and started ransacking everything they touched. They destroyed the playground, parts of the school, and they ripped up some concrete. The damage is an estimated $60,000.

No children were harmed because they all ran away from the sight of the spaceship.

All the Extra Terrestrials have been captured and sent to the lab for studying.

The Ets themselves had an odd greenish tinge to them. If they escape from the lab (possible) then the government will go into a state of emergency. DO NOT go up to them if sighted!

Any updates will be reported immediately in the Kapiti News Daily.

By Elliot

The Adventures of Bob the Baconater

One night, in a darkened Macdonalds restaurant, when every human had gone home, two round, evil, two and a half tall cheese burgers  met at their rendesvous point, the counter. The older, more stale of the two, suddenly spoke. “It is time. We will ransack Wendy’s tonight.

Meanwhile, down at the new Wendy’s restaurant, the food was having a party. There were chicken nuggets swinging from the lights and flinging themselves at the windows. The burgers were having a disco in the kitchens and the drinks were spilling themselves all over the floors.

Suddenly, a small, round, stale figure opened the door leading to the toilets. This small cheese burger brought with him an air of menace; and a slightly off putting whiff.

He pulled out a packet of tomato sauce. He ripped it open splattering the windows withMacdonalds tomato sauce. Now the battle had begun. More tomato sauce splattered the walls. The drinks now aimed their spillages. The dairy desserts spat their contents out at theMacdonalds product.       The now shivering MacDonalds product pulled out a piece of his of his own ghurken and threw it like a frisbee.  The ghurken sliced open a Coke which leaked onto the floor. Suddenly, out of the blue(well it was actually night),came a young Baconater.

This Baconater’s name was Bob. As well as Bob the Baconater, another MacDonaldscheese burger came through the door. This was the staler one.         He lifted his hand towards the bathroom door and it swung backwards, the doorstop also being forced into place by the burger. Suddenly, the MacDonalds  walked back into the bathrooms pulling Bob with him! seconds later the other followed.

All at once the older MacDonalds burger was hanging Bob over the toilet,The other burger just watched as Bob was showered with stinging chilli sauce. But then Bob realised something. He was not a healthy piece of food, but he would not make humans ill. And that was if he got picked and eaten at all. Then in order to save humans from illness, he shoved them both into the toilet and hit the flush. It all happened slow. The two cheese burgers were suspended there for a second, then plummeted into the swirling whirlpool. Then Bob jumped off the toilet and walked out the door.

Though he was not expecting to step over a human lying on the floor having fainted…

By Luke

A day in the life of ...

In March we also wrote 'day in the life of' stories. Here is Aquila's:

It’s 8:55AM on Friday the school bell just rang all the children rush through me eager not to be last in class. They always walk right through me-there’s no way to stop them.

I had the weirdest dream on Tuesday night, I dreamt that I saved the whole world from evil Dr.light bulb.

Ever since I was made evil Dr.light bulb has been my arch enemy . Anyway today the children of room 10 are writing stories , I’m not sure what about but I think some one’s writing about me!

[Saturday] Finally it’s the weekend and I get to have a rest from being walked through by so many people. I wish I could be a super hero. But I probably I won’t be. But at least I get a rest before Monday. [The next day] It’s Sunday I’m getting kind of bored I wish it was Monday already , oh well only another night to go!

Character Description

In March we wrote character descriptions about ourselves. Here is Emma's:

A flash of wild brown hair, a glimpse of misty brown eyes. If you see these you can guarantee Emma is near by. But turn up the music to loud and she’ll be gone in a wink of an eye. Her face shows no expression like a new page, if she wants to keep her secrets hidden. You may be able to bribe her to do your bidding with fish or lemon.

Long time no hear ...

Contrary to what you might think we've actually been very busy since the last post. I'm going to post some of the work the kids have been doing over the last 9 weeks as a catch up.

Ms F

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

SODA Thursday 16 February

Every morning we do a SODA activity. SODA stands for Start Of Day Activity and is based on Tony Ryan's Thinker's Keys. Today we had to create a machine to capture a cat using a marble, rubber band, and a kite. Here are our creations.

Cat Capturers on PhotoPeach

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Cinquains

During the first part of this term we are learning about various forms of poetry. Here are some of our cinquains from week one.

game loving
computer playing geek
fair friend

                                   Good friend                                     
Harry Potter fan
Book geek

tennis player
likes homemade pizza
curry lover

Dragon Rider
World War Loather
Christ Loving

mouse whisperer
chocolate monster eater 
ice-cream lover

I think you'll agree we've been thinking about who we are and what's important to us quite carefully.

Back into the swing of things

School has started again and we've been working hard over the last two weeks. Here are some pictures to show you some of the work we've been doing.

Back at school on PhotoPeach