Sunday, June 24, 2012

A day in the life of ...

In March we also wrote 'day in the life of' stories. Here is Aquila's:

It’s 8:55AM on Friday the school bell just rang all the children rush through me eager not to be last in class. They always walk right through me-there’s no way to stop them.

I had the weirdest dream on Tuesday night, I dreamt that I saved the whole world from evil Dr.light bulb.

Ever since I was made evil Dr.light bulb has been my arch enemy . Anyway today the children of room 10 are writing stories , I’m not sure what about but I think some one’s writing about me!

[Saturday] Finally it’s the weekend and I get to have a rest from being walked through by so many people. I wish I could be a super hero. But I probably I won’t be. But at least I get a rest before Monday. [The next day] It’s Sunday I’m getting kind of bored I wish it was Monday already , oh well only another night to go!

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