Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Bag of Rubies

I was walking home from school when this paper bag fell out of my school bag. It was shimmering red in the sunlight and pulling me closer until I couldn’t move. I tried to move away but I couldn’t, I knew I had to open the bag. I peeked inside and there before my eyes were lots of little rubies. I wondered where they were from. I asked everybody whether they knew where they came from, but nobody did.

That night I felt like there was a silver door in my room. I woke up, then I saw it, the silver door just like my dream. I crept to it without waking anybody up. When I tapped on the door it tapped back. I tapped on it three more times and it mysteriously opened. In the distance i saw something shimmering, it was powerful, it was controlling my hand. Then I looked down and there it was 2 inches of the ground, a magical floating key. I picked it up. Different colours started shooting out of it. I thought it was a rainbow.

Then I saw it, a little cute furry creature. It looked like a tuttie fruity but told me it was a binky bonk. It pointed further into the door like it wanted me to follow it. It led me down the staircase to a locked door and pointed into the keyhole. I put the key in, I turned the key and the door swung right open. I walked down the hall, but it was a dead end. I looked left. I looked right. To the right there was a carving made out of wood, it had emralds and diamonds in it but no rubies. I ran home with the key in my pocket and the binky bonk in my other one.

 The next night I dreamt of me opening a secret passage. I saw the key, the binky bonk, and the carving. The next morning I woke up and ran down the hall still in pyjamas with the key, binky bonk and rubies.I knew what I had to do. I went up to the carving and put the rubbies in the spaces. When I had finished it I ran down the secret pasage. At the doorway there was the binky bonks heart, he swallowoed it and began blowing bubbles everywhere.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Out my Window

We spent most of Friday finishing off our pictures. Ms F then took photos of our individual pictures. Here is a slideshow of them.

Out My Window on PhotoPeach

And here is what they look like up around the classroom.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out My Window

Out my window I can see quite a lot of interesting things. I can see the courtyard, the parsley ravenously reaching out for more room to grow into; (sadly it's work gets washed away into a delicious pesto); the front door, it's bells being thrown around carelessly by the wind; the sliding door slightly ajar, curtains flying through to be blocked by a pair of roman sandals; the waves crashing high against the seaside rocks, spittle spraying even higher. That's the view from my window.

By Laura

Writing and editing

This week we have been looking at the writing process.

First, on Monday, Ms F read us a paragraph from Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh where the Frisby's home is described. Then we thought about what we can see out our window at home. We made a brainstorm of everything we could see.

The next day we looked at our brainstorm and Ms F looked at hers. She started to write her paragraph about what she could see out her window and then we did the same.

On Wednesday we looked at our paragraphs and Ms F looked at hers. She showed us how she was going to change some of the things she wrote to make it sound better. Then she sent us away to start work on our editing.

On Thursday we did some more work on our paragraphs and some of us started on our pictures. Ms F said the pictures HAD to match our paragraphs.

When we arrived at school on Friday, Ms F had put up some 'Amazing Phrases' on the wall for us to read. Some of the kids had written really interesting sentences.

Ms F says good writers edit their writing lots of times.



Friday, February 4, 2011

Activ Board

I walked in the door and what did I see?
A new interactive whiteboard.
Lucky you and lucky me.
I watched it go up, one, two three,
Now it's all up there's nothing to see,
Except to learn off it.

By Jacob


We've been waiting 3 days for our new IWB to be installed. Today was the day! Here's a picture of it in action for the first time. Unsurprisingly it's showing photos of it being installed. The kids then wrote about it. The next few posts will have some of their writing.

New iwb in action

2011 - A new school year

Welcome to 2011 - a new year, a new classroom (Room 12) and a whole new set of students to introduce to blogging and the wonders of eLearning!