Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 4 Happenings

We've been busy this week! We've did testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - YIKES! We had Bike to school day on Tuesday and Skate and Scooter day today. We've been drafting and publishing our "Walking to the Library" stories on our ePortfolios (watch out for some here) with some people even videoing their stories. We've also been planning for some interesting art work (sort of photo & art combination) that we're going to be doing on Friday.

Tomorrow is special because we have a special teacher - Jill McGregor teaching us - she has written lots and lots of school journal stories and she always has interesting and fun lessons based around some of her journal stories.

Today Lachie finished early and was allowed to use Ms F's camera to take photos - he even sneaked in a few of her!

Week 4 Term 1 on PhotoPeach

Skate and Scooter Day

Today the seniors (and some others) had a skate and scooter day. Someone even brought a pogo stick! Ms F went out into the senior area of the school and took some photos of the fun.

Skate and Scooter Day 2010 on PhotoPeach

Bike to school day

On Wednesday we had bike to school day. We were all allowed to bike to school and then at lunch time Mr Quilter coned off half the back field and put out ramps for us to jump off.

Ms Fothergill took some photos of the action.

Bike to School Day on PhotoPeach

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fruitful CRT Day

On Wednesday Ms F was on CRT and Ms Pengelly taught us instead. We had a really fruitful day. At the beginning of the day when she took the roll we had to say the name of a fruit that began with the same letter as our names. That was a lot of fun. Then we created some title pages called "Fruit Fun". Our pages are all different.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

Then Ms Pengelly got us to do a class tally on the fruit we had in our lunch boxes. We had to create our own graphs from the tally.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

We finished our "Fruitful" day by watching a movie that has a fruit in it's name. Can you guess what movie we watched?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gorgeous Graphs

We have started our year looking at Statistics in our Maths time. Ms F is busy finding out what we already know about Statistics and graphing.

On Monday we looked at strip graphs.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

On Tuesday we looked at bar graphs.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

Today we looked at how to collect information using a Tally Chart and then present it in a Bar Graph.

Nicole, Hannah and Taurean produced these great, gorgeous graphs.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

I wonder what we'll look at tomorrow?

The Boat Trip

One Saturday I went to my dad's house. We go there every Saturday. It was the same as always.

He worked. I got bored. It went on for 8 long hours. It seemed like forever. Finally it was time to lock up. I had been waiting for hours to do this.

We hopped in the car. We drove to the beach. We put the boat in the water and jumped in the boat. We went as fast as the boat could go!

It was the best day ever.

By Dana


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slideshow recap of Week 1

We all posted our first entries to our ePortfolios on Friday. On Thursday we drafted our first post in our ePortfolio books.

ePortolio - drafting our 1st posts on PhotoPeach

We also did some basic facts testing on Thursday. Ms Fothergill has made up some books to use for the term so it will be easy for us to keep track of our progress.

Basic Facts Test on PhotoPeach

Then we got to go outside and learn the PSR game - can you guess what PSR stands for?

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Google wave in the classroom

Today Ms F introduced us to Google wave. Oliver and Connor logged into two different computers and clicked on the Google Wave link from the wiki.

Ms F was showing us the view from her computer using the data projector. Someone thought that Ms F must have a magic computer because we could see what Connor and Oliver were typing while they were typing.

It was great to see that more than one person could be logged in at the same time.  We just have to remember to write our name when we're signed in.