Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slideshow recap of Week 1

We all posted our first entries to our ePortfolios on Friday. On Thursday we drafted our first post in our ePortfolio books.

ePortolio - drafting our 1st posts on PhotoPeach

We also did some basic facts testing on Thursday. Ms Fothergill has made up some books to use for the term so it will be easy for us to keep track of our progress.

Basic Facts Test on PhotoPeach

Then we got to go outside and learn the PSR game - can you guess what PSR stands for?

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  1. Hey Joe,

    Your classroom, even with unpainted walls, looks like a great place to experience education. I'd love to chill and write on your couch.

    Your students look engaged, comfortable and willing. I can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. Hi Jo and Room 9

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Your class looks like you have had a busy and positive start to the year and a wonderful Learning Journey ahead of you. As a Teacher-Librarian I love the couch in your reading area! Have a great year...I'll stay tuned to see what Room 9 gets up to through 2010!