Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stephen Hawking & our School Vision

My hero is Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking shows resilience when other scientists try to prove his theories wrong. He shows involvement when he lets other people work experiments with him. He shows communication by using his voice synthesizer because he can’t use his own voice. He shows respect to former astronomers who discovered all the space around us. But most of all, he shows massive curiosity. He looks at black holes and nebulae and starclouds and stuff.

He shows all five qualities in his quest to uncover the mystery of the universe.

By Luke

Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton is a New Zealander. Bill designed the first jet boat. He was born in 1899 and died in 1978.  Bill founded CWF  Hamilton water jet boat company. He also was an  engineer for jet boats. His boat was the first ever boat that traveled up and down the Grand Canyon in 1960. In 1947 he made the first ski tow in NZ.

By Paddy

Richard Pearse

Richard Pearse was a famous NZ plane inventor. He was the first man to build and fly a plane. He flew his plane on 31 March 1903. On his  farm he built his own workshop and that is where he did all of his engineering. He designed, built and powered his own plane.

By Zoe

John Britten

Born in 1950, John Britten was a revolutionary motorcycle genius.

He was among a motorcycle gang who liked to stick to the golden oldies. He was rebellious though, and wanted something new. In his garage at his property in Cristchurch, he was building something new. In the end he had finished it.

The V-1000 roared up to the line, revved it’s engines, and overtook all racers. The track stank of burning rubber after the race.

John Britten died in 1995 but by then he had become world famous. Earlier, simply a: glass sculptor, artist, engineer, thinker, entrepreneur, and glider pilot, now having made the world’s fastest motorbike. And he was a KIWI!

By Luke