Saturday, April 2, 2011

Antonia - I am ...

I am sporty and flexible
I wonder if Jesus is real
I hear bees buzzing in the summer time
I see the stars in the night sky
I want to go to America
I am funny and bubbly
I pretend that Madi is my sister
I feel happy when my friends are around me
I touch my dogs fluffy fur
I worry that my friends don't like me
I cry because my nana lives in New Plymouth
I am cute and cuddly
I understand that my sister is mean
I say I can’t sing
I dream of horrors
I try and do the splits 2 other ways
I hope that Madi will be my friend forever
I am funny and smiley

Mahina - I am ...

I am special and sharing.
I wonder why am a girl.
I hear dogs howling.
I see a pink cloud.
I want a pony.
I am special and sharing.
I pretend I can fly and that I have superpowers.
I feel like I am going to fall on a bunch of flowers.
I want to touch the fur of a soft bunny’s.
I worry that my mum might crash when she drives.
I cry when my sister messes my room.
I am special and sharing.
I understand that Michael Jackson died.
I say that the Easter Bunny is real.
I wish that I had an i Pad.
I try to make my rugby games perfect.
I hope that my family never dies or gets hurt.
I am special and sharing.

Pets at school?

Last week Ms F showed an article about a dog who goes to school in Timaru.

We had to write whether we thought pets should be allowed to school. Here is one response:

Well I think that pets shouldn’t be allowed at school. Imagine all the chaos it would cause just over a bunch of pets at school. If there were birds at school they will fly right over our heads. If there were were mice at school they will eat all our scrumptious food. If there were cats at school they will scramble up the trees, frightened and kids climbing up after them. It will be crazy! Where would we put our pets during class time? We can’t just leave them loose, they will climb through the gates and the fence and run down the road. That’s my opinion of having having pets at school.
By Paige

Rohi and Room 12

It's been a while since posting but this weekend will see a few posts appearing. This one is a slide show of Rohi and her visit with us.

Rohi and Room 12 @ RBS on PhotoPeach