Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What if friends only lasted for a week?

Well, for starters that would be a world I would not want to live in. Who will come over? Who will I hangout with at school? Worst thing ever to happen to me!

By Archie

If you're friends with a friend that means you will only last a week too. So you can make more friends each week.

By Gwyneth

If friends only lasted a week I would be so lonely and sad. I might make more friends but they wouldn't be the same as my old friends. I wish my friends stay friends with me. If friends only lasted a week I would want to go to school on Saturday and Sunday as well.

By Samantha

If I only had friends for one week I will get new friends every week, or I'll have the same friends every two weeks.

By Sacha

If friends only lasted a week I would be really sad and I would miss them heaps. I would come to school on Saturday and Sunday as well, otherwise I would be really lonely. You could always make new friends but they wouldn't be the same. 

By Courtney

If friends only lasted a week it would be really annoying because you would have to keep on having to ask them to be your friend for another week on and on all over again at the end of every week.

By Chanade

It is impossible. Why would it happen? And if it did it would have to be a world wide law. And who would want to make a law that stops people from having the same friend for over a week?

By Liam

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to play regions

If  you follow these steps you will have a fun game of Regions with your class
You will need........
  • a netball court(to play on)
  • 16 or more people
  • 3 taggers
  • 3 equal regions

Steps needed to play the game.......

  1. The teacher chooses 3 taggers
  2. The 3 taggers have one region each
  3. All other classmates go to start
  4. The taggers call 1 person each to run
  5. After they run all the other classmates run and try not to get tagged
  6. No goose guarding
(Goose guarding means standing directly in front of the person you are trying to tag.
The last person who was not tagged is the winner!!

By Samantha

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gnarly Maths

Today Ms Fothergill introduced us to 'Gnarly Maths' - it's hard problem posing/solving that we will be doing every Friday.

We had to work in pairs with someone new and work our way through the clues in order to solve the problem. It was very hard.

Here is where you can find the problem we worked on:

Gnarly Maths Problem Time on PhotoPeach

Class Treaty

In order to create our class treaty we brainstormed the things we needed to have and do in order to master a new skill - we thought about things like netball, skiing, Irish dancing, playing Halo and Minecraft and lots of other things like that.

Then we wrote these on the board and had a look at how they matched our school values - curiosity, involvement, respect, responsibility, communication, and resilience. (Ms Fothergill added a couple of ideas and Lewis suggested we should also add fun to the list.)

Then Ms Fothergill put the words/statements into a wordle for us.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favourite Games

Today we got together in small groups to identify the outdoor games we love the most. Ms F said she only knows a couple and that we needed a bigger variety of games to play.

We wrote down the names of the games and a short description on paper and then Ms F collated them. There were two that were the most popular - Regions and Cannon Ball - so we then had to decide as a class which was the most popular. Regions won.
Tomorrow we will play Regions and then on Monday we will play Cannon Ball.