Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favourite Games

Today we got together in small groups to identify the outdoor games we love the most. Ms F said she only knows a couple and that we needed a bigger variety of games to play.

We wrote down the names of the games and a short description on paper and then Ms F collated them. There were two that were the most popular - Regions and Cannon Ball - so we then had to decide as a class which was the most popular. Regions won.
Tomorrow we will play Regions and then on Monday we will play Cannon Ball.


  1. Dear Room 10

    I am a Gr4-6 teacher in South Africa. My students and I would like to know how to play "Regions" and "Cannon Ball".

    The games South Afican students play are soccer, cricket, rounders and Red Rover.

    Miss Tyler-Smith

    1. Hi Claire - thanks for your comment. We played Regions on Friday and I took lots of photos and will do the same when we play Cannon Ball on Monday. Then my students will write about how to play the two games - we will share the writing here. Does your class have a blog at all? Maybe we can share information and ideas etc.

      Jo Fothergill