Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to 2013

A huge welcome to the new students and families in Room 10 this year. I hope you will find life in Room 10 exciting and challenging.

Many of you will be introduced to new ways of working - we will be google doc-ing; blogging; searching; creating; exploring new ways to tell our stories, do our work, communicate with others.

Pen and PaperYou will be using electronic tools alongside the traditional pen & paper tools.

You will be introduced to creative commons search tools - and encouraged to create resources that others can make use of.

You will be encouraged to blog weekly in your own personal blog - as well as contribute to this class blog of ours. One of the new skills you'll learn is about tagging your posts to make them easier to find later on.

You will be introduced to Edmodo - a type of special social/networking site that is used by teachers and students all around the world. You will learn how to submit homework and other things using Edmodo rather than pen and paper.

And you will be working with Google Docs a lot!

Anyone wanting to get started before we officially start can email me to get your login information.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you on Monday 4th and the rest of you on Tuesday 5th.

Ms F


  1. Dear Ms F,
    My name is Raylee and I am in year 6 in a school in Australia. I look forward to reading all your posts. This is our blog.

    1. Hi Raylee - thanks for stopping by to read the blog. I like the look of your class blog too - it will be great to see what our classes do over this year.