Saturday, May 28, 2011

John Britten

Born in 1950, John Britten was a revolutionary motorcycle genius.

He was among a motorcycle gang who liked to stick to the golden oldies. He was rebellious though, and wanted something new. In his garage at his property in Cristchurch, he was building something new. In the end he had finished it.

The V-1000 roared up to the line, revved it’s engines, and overtook all racers. The track stank of burning rubber after the race.

John Britten died in 1995 but by then he had become world famous. Earlier, simply a: glass sculptor, artist, engineer, thinker, entrepreneur, and glider pilot, now having made the world’s fastest motorbike. And he was a KIWI!

By Luke


  1. Wow Luke... your report is an inspiration for any kiwi who is contemplating developing an interest and taking a risk! My friend lived next door to John Britten and often talked about his persistence and determination. He was certainly a creative thinker and a risk taker!

  2. Luke, that is an awesome write up. I really enjoyed reading about John Britten. Do you ever imagine being an inventor or creator?
    Mrs K

  3. Hey Luke, I really enjoyed this encapsulation. John Britten was an amazing guy - he just kept on messing with his design till he got it how he wanted it and came up with a record breaking bike. BB

  4. Hi Luke, I really enjoyed reading about John Britten. It amazed me that he was a kiwi. Awesome right! I hope you write stories like this again.

  5. Hi i like the motorbike and it was interesting to read about John Britten.I think that he was a great kiwi and might of been one of the best famous bike riders.

  6. Wow that was a fantastic blog and I really enjoyed it.