Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 4 Happenings

We've been busy this week! We've did testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - YIKES! We had Bike to school day on Tuesday and Skate and Scooter day today. We've been drafting and publishing our "Walking to the Library" stories on our ePortfolios (watch out for some here) with some people even videoing their stories. We've also been planning for some interesting art work (sort of photo & art combination) that we're going to be doing on Friday.

Tomorrow is special because we have a special teacher - Jill McGregor teaching us - she has written lots and lots of school journal stories and she always has interesting and fun lessons based around some of her journal stories.

Today Lachie finished early and was allowed to use Ms F's camera to take photos - he even sneaked in a few of her!

Week 4 Term 1 on PhotoPeach


  1. Wow and you still have two days left! We are a year 5/6 school in Reporoa - Broadlands School. We had swimming sports on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had Art with Mrs S. We did Abstract Portraits. We are going to show Ms Matthews on Thurs. That will be funny. Watch out for this on our Blog at 'The Best School in the World'.

  2. Room Nine - the testing sounds like us! We had test last week for three days and our students have enjoyed not having as much. You will get some visitors from our school today and Room Six are really looking forward to the Skype Connection this afternoon for your Mihi!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.