Friday, February 4, 2011

Activ Board

I walked in the door and what did I see?
A new interactive whiteboard.
Lucky you and lucky me.
I watched it go up, one, two three,
Now it's all up there's nothing to see,
Except to learn off it.

By Jacob


  1. What a great poem and it captures the wonderful feeling that having an exciting new tool for teaching and learning creates. Have fun with the IWB.

  2. I can hear your excitement in your poem, Jacob! How lucky you all are to have an IWB! The Scoopers in Dunedin are looking forward to watching how you use it for learning! Enjoy!

  3. I love the poem, conveys the excitement you feel! Do you have the software on all your machines so you can create things to share on the iwb?

  4. I feel your excitement also. I can’t wait to see how you learn from it. @melaniem8

  5. Haha nice poem it even shows the way you feel full of excitment.
    Great work!