Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Bag of Rubies

I was walking home from school when this paper bag fell out of my school bag. It was shimmering red in the sunlight and pulling me closer until I couldn’t move. I tried to move away but I couldn’t, I knew I had to open the bag. I peeked inside and there before my eyes were lots of little rubies. I wondered where they were from. I asked everybody whether they knew where they came from, but nobody did.

That night I felt like there was a silver door in my room. I woke up, then I saw it, the silver door just like my dream. I crept to it without waking anybody up. When I tapped on the door it tapped back. I tapped on it three more times and it mysteriously opened. In the distance i saw something shimmering, it was powerful, it was controlling my hand. Then I looked down and there it was 2 inches of the ground, a magical floating key. I picked it up. Different colours started shooting out of it. I thought it was a rainbow.

Then I saw it, a little cute furry creature. It looked like a tuttie fruity but told me it was a binky bonk. It pointed further into the door like it wanted me to follow it. It led me down the staircase to a locked door and pointed into the keyhole. I put the key in, I turned the key and the door swung right open. I walked down the hall, but it was a dead end. I looked left. I looked right. To the right there was a carving made out of wood, it had emralds and diamonds in it but no rubies. I ran home with the key in my pocket and the binky bonk in my other one.

 The next night I dreamt of me opening a secret passage. I saw the key, the binky bonk, and the carving. The next morning I woke up and ran down the hall still in pyjamas with the key, binky bonk and rubies.I knew what I had to do. I went up to the carving and put the rubbies in the spaces. When I had finished it I ran down the secret pasage. At the doorway there was the binky bonks heart, he swallowoed it and began blowing bubbles everywhere.

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