Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing and editing

This week we have been looking at the writing process.

First, on Monday, Ms F read us a paragraph from Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh where the Frisby's home is described. Then we thought about what we can see out our window at home. We made a brainstorm of everything we could see.

The next day we looked at our brainstorm and Ms F looked at hers. She started to write her paragraph about what she could see out her window and then we did the same.

On Wednesday we looked at our paragraphs and Ms F looked at hers. She showed us how she was going to change some of the things she wrote to make it sound better. Then she sent us away to start work on our editing.

On Thursday we did some more work on our paragraphs and some of us started on our pictures. Ms F said the pictures HAD to match our paragraphs.

When we arrived at school on Friday, Ms F had put up some 'Amazing Phrases' on the wall for us to read. Some of the kids had written really interesting sentences.

Ms F says good writers edit their writing lots of times.




  1. Interesting story.
    You guys must've learnt alot

  2. Nice story guys you guys are really good readers you must learn alot

  3. Nice story and good editing and and good writers edit their work lots of times