Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Adventures of Bob the Baconater

One night, in a darkened Macdonalds restaurant, when every human had gone home, two round, evil, two and a half tall cheese burgers  met at their rendesvous point, the counter. The older, more stale of the two, suddenly spoke. “It is time. We will ransack Wendy’s tonight.

Meanwhile, down at the new Wendy’s restaurant, the food was having a party. There were chicken nuggets swinging from the lights and flinging themselves at the windows. The burgers were having a disco in the kitchens and the drinks were spilling themselves all over the floors.

Suddenly, a small, round, stale figure opened the door leading to the toilets. This small cheese burger brought with him an air of menace; and a slightly off putting whiff.

He pulled out a packet of tomato sauce. He ripped it open splattering the windows withMacdonalds tomato sauce. Now the battle had begun. More tomato sauce splattered the walls. The drinks now aimed their spillages. The dairy desserts spat their contents out at theMacdonalds product.       The now shivering MacDonalds product pulled out a piece of his of his own ghurken and threw it like a frisbee.  The ghurken sliced open a Coke which leaked onto the floor. Suddenly, out of the blue(well it was actually night),came a young Baconater.

This Baconater’s name was Bob. As well as Bob the Baconater, another MacDonaldscheese burger came through the door. This was the staler one.         He lifted his hand towards the bathroom door and it swung backwards, the doorstop also being forced into place by the burger. Suddenly, the MacDonalds  walked back into the bathrooms pulling Bob with him! seconds later the other followed.

All at once the older MacDonalds burger was hanging Bob over the toilet,The other burger just watched as Bob was showered with stinging chilli sauce. But then Bob realised something. He was not a healthy piece of food, but he would not make humans ill. And that was if he got picked and eaten at all. Then in order to save humans from illness, he shoved them both into the toilet and hit the flush. It all happened slow. The two cheese burgers were suspended there for a second, then plummeted into the swirling whirlpool. Then Bob jumped off the toilet and walked out the door.

Though he was not expecting to step over a human lying on the floor having fainted…

By Luke

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