Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kapiti Daily. Spaceship lands in local school!

Kapiti Daily Spaceship lands in local school! writes Elliot, special correspondent.

Fear has struck the students of Raumati Beach school and surrounding areas today. A weird spaceship (UFO) was seen hovering over a playground at the school. “I saw the whole thing” says a student. “This spaceship type thing appeared out of nowhere, then it made a landing on the playground. Then three weird things came out”.

The ‘weird things’ came out of the spaceship and started ransacking everything they touched. They destroyed the playground, parts of the school, and they ripped up some concrete. The damage is an estimated $60,000.

No children were harmed because they all ran away from the sight of the spaceship.

All the Extra Terrestrials have been captured and sent to the lab for studying.

The Ets themselves had an odd greenish tinge to them. If they escape from the lab (possible) then the government will go into a state of emergency. DO NOT go up to them if sighted!

Any updates will be reported immediately in the Kapiti News Daily.

By Elliot

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