Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Snow Day

On Monday at around about 7:00 it was so cold I did not know why until it started to hail and then it came drifting down like little white parachuting men flying to melt on the deck. It was so cold the snow stayed on the deck for a little while and then melted. It also snowed at 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00. after the 2:00 snow storm I got my jersey on and stepped through a portal to a new white world. We made snow balls and threw them at each other! Mum took some photos of the white world. As the little men parachuted down from the heavens and I was standing still, I felt like everything was in slow motion in this strange new white world. That night mum faced the forces of this new world, and on the windscreen of our snow mobile parked in the driveway she wrote “Cool Stuff 2011”. She made us a snowman, he was a creepy fellow, looking in our window from his white planet.  And I will tell you something amazing…..he stayed there for all the next 24 hours, sadly melting into cracks of the white-worlds deck.  Leaving only a wet puddle, and two sad chocolate-button eyes, and a carrot noes.  But this story does not end here.  The troops of ants will come and break off little tasty morsels from the sad little chocolate button eyes, and take it back to their hungry little child ants, no bigger than a speck of dust.  They will devour it, so slowly that it will last at least a month.  The carrot will be taken away by the chirping cute sparrows that will give their just hatched babies.  They will chirp in delight.
But just because our little snowman friend has gone it does not mean that we forget about him, we will always remember him, and will remember the day that it snowed in Paraparaumu.

By Jacob

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