Friday, July 23, 2010

Podcast - Week 1, Term 3

A round up of Week 1 by Hemi - this is a podcast with visuals!


  1. Wow I loved your podcast Hemi, you spoke confidently and shared all what you had been learning with images that matched.

    My class will be watching yours podcast next week.

  2. Terrific podcast Hemi, very informative. I enjoyed learning about all the different things your class got up to this week. My class are learning about the Sun and the Moon and how they cause changes on Earth so we are doing a similar topic to your class. I agree with Mr Wood, you spoke with a clear confident voice. I can't wait to share your podcast with my class on Monday.

    From Mrs McGhie

  3. Hemi - this is a fantastic post. I liked the way that you spoke clearly all the way through the video, I think you sounded confident and spoke clearly. You script writing is very important to your success as you had a good match between your words and the photographs, it was just a great overview of what you did in class during week one and its something that you can be very proud of.