Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Planet

This week we looked at a very cool image from NASA of Earth from space and wrote about what we could see. Here are some of our stories.

I can see the clouds blocking some of the sea;
North, South, and Central America;
The green countries are very big;
The clouds are like white pale snow;
The sea is baby blue colour;
The clouds are swaying;
The planet is a multi colour world.
By Abe

Well, Earth, let me see. The clouds are like crows circling their prey. Land is scattered all over the Earth. Space, that's where Earth lives. There are lot of planets, but Earth is special, because we have life. Space surrounds the Earth, like it’s waiting to attack. Earth is in the shape of a ball. Antarctica lives at the bottom of the Earth as it spins around. The white puffy clouds make shapes in your mind like dancing dinosaurs and singing goldfish. And that is what Earth looks like to me.
by Ellie

This is the little marble shaped planet we live on; Earth.
The thin white clouds drift in swirls over the dark blue ocean,which covers most of this beautiful planet. The green and yellow countries look like little squiggly shapes that a child has drawn. Antarctica sits proudly on top of Earth with the Arctic hanging on tight at the bottom. Both of them are lovely snow covered countries. The surroundings of Earth is black, nothing but scary dark black.
By Nina

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