Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun Day!

On 23 of March, Tuesday, I could not go to sleep because the next day we were going to the
Waikanae Pools. Finally I fell asleep.

6.30 am Wednesday morning. It was raining. There was not a chance we were going to the pools. After a long morning we arrived at school. Dad dropped me off in the corridoor and then I raced down the hall way (do not try this at your school). I avoided teachers, kids and parents.

Then came the bad news. In front of the class was a sign. It said - well I forgot what it said but I remember the most tragic bits - "...has been postponed to term 4!" Term 4 was such a long way away. To my friends I kept saying "TERM 4!"

Then the bell rang. But it was fun day. The classes I went to were art, craft and technology. At craft they had a wierd fish things called axolotls. I watched them being fed.

What a cool day!


  1. Cool blog I like the story's and the studnts reading the storys

    by Ethan and Tyler

  2. Great use of personal voice. We feel your pain of missing out on your swimming trip.

  3. By the way this is Mrs M from Kinohaku School on the Southern shores of Kawhia Harbour, and we (the senior room) have been surfing through blogs from other schools came across yours really cool.