Monday, March 8, 2010

Taurean's Impossible Bridge

The Impossible Bridge

Problem:  I wanted to make a bridge.

What I used:  String, tape, straws, cardboard and scissors.

What I did:
·    I got a strip of cardboard;
·    I taped straws under the cardboard;
·    I made 2 long straws to put  on each side;
·    I made the uprights;
·    I attached the string.

What I found out:   I made the suspension bridge because it was the strongest.


  1. Anyone would think that we are co-teaching. One of my reading groups is reading that book as well. We are seeing what we can do with just one piece of paper. I have blue-tacked the last page up so the kids can't see what it might look like.

    Allanah K

  2. Taurean - I usually get my class to construct objects on Friday afternoon, I love the face that you have a picture to go with your written work it really helps me understand what you made, which looks wonderful. I may just borrow the idea.
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato

  3. WE did the same sort of portraits as you did on your wall as well.