Friday, October 22, 2010

The Plate of Resilience!

On Thursday Room 9 challenged Room 10 to the plate. The plate is something that year 5 & 6’s try to win by playing a game aginst another class. We played flag-tag, (best out of three) which is a game that Room 9 is quite bad at.

I was the person that made sure Room 10 didn’t get off of their side, but I was mostly guarding Caley and the tall Emily because they were too easy to get. Some people like Keren and Sam were trying to trick me by pretending to be tagged but I didn’t fall for it.

The first round went by and we won (well at least I think we did, it’s quite confusing really). Then the second round and they won =( I was disappointed and puffed but I wasn’t going to let my class down. The last round seemed like the longest and the hardest but after what seemed like hours people on my team started screaming when I looked in the direction of the screaming I saw that Taurean had the flag which had meant…



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