Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writing Collaboration

Earlier this year Room 9 students collaborated with students from the Super 7 scoopers @ St Clair's school in Dunedin. Super 7 Students wrote some stories and Room 9 RBS students edited the stories. We did this using Google Docs.

During the last holidays Ms F met up with Mrs Bee at Ulearn10 Conference in Christchurch. Mrs Bee had a surprise for Ms F - copies of the finished stories! They had been turned into real books!

Ms F got us into 5 groups and we each got a book to read. It was great to see the finished work.


  1. Okay I have seen a lot of great, posts in my time what I really love about this is the whole story behind the books, they look wonderful and the students look as if they are really into them which is no surprise! What a great gift from the Super Scoopers and Mrs Bee and what a GREAT collaboration!

  2. Hi Ms F and the 'keen as' students of Room 9 RBS! I love how you collaborated to write books! What an amazing thing to do across our country. I was a very lucky teacher who got to see your books in Christchurch before Ms F took them home to you. I also shared them with other teachers who were learning about Google Docs at the Ulearn conference in Christchurch.
    My students in Room 3 need help with their editing skills and we were wandering if you would like to write some stories and Google Doc them to us in Reporoa NZ so we could practice our editing skills with you.
    Ms Matthews
    Room 3 Broadlands School

  3. That is so exciting to see you reading the books that you helped to write. I think this project was one of our writing highlights for the year - thankyou so much for your help and input with our writing! We learnt a lot about including enough detail for the reader from this experience... What did you think of the stories? The Scoopers would love your thoughts and feedback as they are always trying to improve their writing... THANKYOU RAUMATI!

  4. I saw some of your books while Ms F was at the learning conference in Christchurch in the holidays. I was so impressed with the writing you had done and your illustrations.

    You are a wonderful inspiration to us all.

    Keep up the great work.

    Allanah K

    Moturoa Classroom

    Appleby School


  5. Wow! What a cool idea for collaboration, and an awesome end product. Well done guys!

    Miss Adams
    South Australia

  6. Fabulous idea, the books looked amazing. Well done!

  7. A fantastic idea.....gives others of us lots of ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi everyone in Room 9
    We saw your books and we thought they looked very good. That was an excellent idea you thought of. How cool for you to be able to help children in another part of New Zealand to edit their written language. We visit the Super Scooper's blog heaps. Great work everyone. We wish we could do something like this.
    From Mrs McGhie and Room 16