Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Student comments on Super Scoopers stories

Group one: Little Red Riding Hood by Louise N
We thought the pictures worked well with the story. We like the detail of the story and how it made the story different. It was easy for everyone to read.

Group Two: Little Red Riding Hood by Lusia M
Your description was really good. We thought you did good paragraphing. We liked the twist at the end and thought the pictures related well to the story.

Group Three: The Present I couldn't open
We thought the pictures were really cool. We also thought that it was a 'mint' story and it was cool that it was real. Also the present was 'mintage'. (mint = good/cool)

Group Four: The Worst Diary Entry
We thought the story was great. We like the way you set it out. Thanks for sharing it with us. Also thanks for dedicating it to us.

Group Five: Little Red Riding Hood by Ella M
We found the blurb interesting and the pictures fascinating. We also thought the layout was good too. We all liked the story.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us.


  1. Wow - thanks for your very kind feedback, Room 9! The Scoopers loved looking at your photos today and will be even more excited about your feedback. Thanks so much for helping them edit their stories. This learning experience was the beginning of a real awareness for the reader.

    We hope we can work together again another time!


  2. It is a busy week at our end with building celebrations... I will share your feedback on Monday :)