Monday, November 28, 2011

How to create a green/blue screen movie

Here are some instructions on how to make a green or blue screen movie.
You will need:
a camera
a blue or green background
some characters/actors
1. Choose/Make up a story to tell (If you are retelling a story, make sure to put it into your own words.)
2. Create and sort out the scenes
3. Make any props you will need
4. Write up a script
5. Rehearse script
6.Take pictures of the scenes with the camera (Make sure if you’re doing a green screen don’t wear green clothes! Same for blue screening.)
7. Put into Garageband
8. Record your script
9. Add recorded script to photos
10. Put in some music (OPTIONAL)
11. Do any Special Effects you would like to add
12. Watch and enjoy!
By Kate


  1. Hi Kate

    Thank you for your instructions!

    I was just wondering what your class uses for your background? What is your screen made from? Is it painted onto a wall, or is it fabric and can you move it around?

    And secondly, do you have better results with either a green or a blue background?



  2. We used a sheet for our background and attached it to our Activboard. I don't know if it makes any difference what colour the background is, though.
    Also, if you have blue or green eyes, you'll look like a ghost. (Depends on which colour background you have.)

  3. Thanks Kate! It sounds like using a sheet would be a good idea because you could always move it to a better spot if you needed to.

    It sounds like it would pay to have a trial-run with the different coloured backgrounds so you get the effect you are after.

    Thanks for replying to me!