Monday, November 28, 2011

My Marae Stay

I had been waiting for this day for two whole weeks. On wednesday 9th November, My class and half of room twenty were staying on the kapiti college Marae overnight. My eyelids slid off my eyeballs letting in the unbearable glare.Snap! I closed my eyes again and sat up clutching my head in my hands. Slowly, I opened my eyes one more time training them once again to take in them once again to get used to the bright light. My hair was dangling all over My face. I swept it away and walked out of my room smearing My eyes.
The bell for end of lunch rang and my class lined up on the quad. Then we walked over to the back field where the teachers counted us. Then we walked over to the Marae where the year 9 Maori class and Mr Trim (Paora) did the welcoming ceremony. Then we had heaps of food and the year 9s provided entertainmeant. Then we all went home.
An hour and a  ½ LATER…
After guitar lessons, I along with rest of room 20 that turned up, I went to the Marae.
Before long we went in to the wharekai for our dinner. We had self made hamburgers (Yum!) then ice cream for desert(yummier!). Then we had some activities. First we had a model competition to see who could go down the catwalk the best and who made the best costume. Then we had to do a musical and our group mucked up so bad.Then we just played games or read. Soon it was time for bed so we headed back into the wharenui and Mr Jones gave us a talk on outer space. Then afterwards we went to bed.
10 sleepless hours later
We had to do 2 laps of the Kapiti college field.It was freezing. On from there the day pretty much shot past. We had to greet the other half of room twenty and room 16 and then we went home at 2.00. It’s decided. I am doing another Marae stay.
By Luke

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