Monday, November 28, 2011

Noho Marae

First at the Noho Marae I had to pack some clothes and a drink bottle our school uniform a book and PJ’s and if we wanted to we could bring a cuddly teddy and a toothbrush and tooth paste.
When I had finished packing I had to either drive or walk to the Marae. When we got to the Marae I unpacked all of my food and put it all in the kitchen of the whare Kai. When I had finished putting Fmy food in the whare Kai I played with Paige and we played on the back field with a ball until more kids came.
When more kids came Paige and I told them how to set up and we told them were to put all of there food. We got out some more sports equipment and started playing with a skipping rope. When we got tired from playing with that lots of other kids had arrived and Paige and I went inside and sat down.
When most kids had come we all had to share two mattresses with three kids so it did look a little bit squishy. After we had finished setting up the mattresses we had dinner.For dinner we had home made hand burgers and chips it was really yum.
When everybody was finished eating we had dessert and it was ice-cream with peaches ad that was delicious. Everybody finished quick with eating dessert. I was not the last to finish eating and I wasn’t the first I was in the middle at eating.
After we had finished eating all of our food we played a fashion design game and we had to only use news paper. Our models were Mark and Paige they looked very funny when they were done. Paige won a certificate for doing the cat walk and mark also won for being the best dressed and some other people won certificates as well.
Then when we had done the fashion designing we got to play with some games which was really fun. I played charades and connect four and I won against Russell and Mark. We all had to play with the games or either read in our heads. we had to do that till a visitor came and talked about the planets and universe.
When he came we had to go into the wharenui and listen to him talk about the planets and universe. I learnt that the earth wasn’t going to end over a billion years because lots of people were saying that the world is going to end in 2012 but it is not. I also learnt that the sun will just keep expanding until it is big enough to reach the earth and burn it.
After we had listened about planets and the world it was time to go to sleep. When I was trying to get to sleep lots of kids were talking and I was so tired. After I had just fallen asleep I would of been woken up by talking. After every one had just about asleep I fell asleep. When     I woke up we had to get changed and have our breakfast. I had brought my own breakfast and it was nutragrain. After everyone was finished we tidied up around the marae and the collage backfield which was a mess it was disgusting. When that was finally we got to play with the sports equipment I played with the skipping ropes with Paige.
After a while we got called in to practise our powhiri. It was fun to do and I didn’t even realise we had been practising for over an hour. When we had got everything right we got to set the table for the other half of room 20 and room 16. When we had set everything up we had our lunch.
When we had finished eating our lunch room 20 and 16 came and we had to start the powhiri. Room 20 and room 16 got welcomed on and it was really loud but not the loudest. When we had finished welcoming them on and we had finished doing our part of the powhiri they sang us a kapa haka song. Once they had finished there song they came into the wharekai and got to eat what we had put on the table for them.
Once they had finished eating it was time for us to go even though it was two oclock in the afternoon we were aloud to go because that was the time we were leaving. My mum came and picked me up and I said goodbye to everyone that was still there and I hope that we could go back there again.

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