Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday SODA - 5 word sentence

Today for our SODA (Start of Day Activity) we had to look at a picture and write a 5-word sentence about it. Here is the picture and our sentences.

  • There's an old rocky temple.
  • Rocky cliff beside a forest.
  • An incredibly old castle pillar.
  • It's a pile of rocks.
  • A fun rock tower party.
  • Made by ages of old.
  • Piles of rocks stand strong.
  • It is covered with snow.
  • Old stone outpost long abandoned.
  • Do not cross these rocks.
  • Ancient ruins of crumbling history.
  • An unfinished little rock house.
  • It's absolutely solid as rock.
  • Stacks of flat grey rocks.
  • Cool old crumbling rock structure.
  • Ancient ruins of crumbling stone.
  • Do not climb these rocks.
  • A really big rocky mountain.
  • Please don't walk on rocks.
  • Old, grey, crumbling, broken Stonehenge.
  • Block by block standing proud.
  • It is Stonehenge's big brother.
  • Forbidden access to rocky landmark.

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