Monday, October 14, 2013

The Lorax Part One

Today in class we looked at the Lorax - we will be talking about various issues that arise in the book - and discussing our response to them.

What was the land of the Lorax like before the Once-ler arrived?
  • beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, lovely, happy
  • beautiful, clean, populated, smog-less, exquisite, fresh, pure, nature-filled, fruity, fishy
  • beautiful, paradise
  • colourful, peaceful, loads of animals, sunny, heaps of trees, lots of fun
  • beautiful and romantic; perfect; colourful trees; lots of growth

Did it seem like someplace you'd like to live?
  • yes - wildlife, safe environment
  • yes - because it was clean and fresh, and it seemed cleaner than 100% pure NZ
  • yes definitely - because it’s a beautiful place
  • yes - nice and peaceful and lovely; lots of things to do; trees look fun to climb
  • yes - the trees are pretty and colourful and silky
  • yes - really beautiful singing fish and environment
  • yes - it looks cool and has trees and singing fish
  • no - because of the singing fish every morning

What parts of your own environment would you be sad to see go?
  • the park on Simpson Cres, our wildlife, our mountains, the beach
  • grass, trees - they provide oxygen, entertainment, and shelter, Kapiti Island - it provides an area for native birds
  • the trees
  • Kapiti Island - nature reserve filled with birds; Otaihanga reserve; the clear sea at Pukerua Bay; Reikorangi animal park; Matthews Park
  • Pohutukawa trees, kiwi, Kapiti Island
  • rivers and seas - places to swim
  • Pukeko

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