Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Lorax Part Two

Today (Tuesday) we looked at the Once-ler

What kind of person is the Once-ler?
  • Greedy; wanting more of everything; loves money; selfish; disrespectful to nature; ignorant; careless; self-centred; bully;
  • Greedy; selfish; disrespectful
  • Rude, selfish, greedy, stupid, stubborn
  • Mean, horrible, cruel, vicious
  • Mean and selfish,
  • Greedy man who will do anything for money; selfish, silly man with a ‘stupid’ idea

Why won't he listen to the Lorax? 

  • He’s ignorant; didn’t think what the Lorax had to say mattered; forgot what you need to live
  • Thinks his business is better than the environment; he wants to be famous
  • Because he is stubborn
  • Because he wants money; wants to make his company bigger; he is selfish and only cares about what he wants
  • He thinks money is better than nature; he thinks everybody needs Thneeds; if he doesn’t listen to the Lorax he will be rich; he wants more money;
  • Because he wants a lot of money and won’t stop until he gets it

The Lorax says to the Once-ler, "You are crazy with greed." Why does the Lorax say that?
  • Because he wants heaps of money, heaps of Thneeds, and wouldn’t listen
  • Because he wants everything his way
  • He said everyone needs a Thneed before he had even sold one
  • Maybe because he was crazy for cutting the trees down; for not listening and cutting down the trees when he was told not to;
  • Because he’s greedy; he’s chopping all the trees down to get rich;
  • Because it’s more important to look after the environment than neglecting it for ‘pieces of paper’; the Lorax knows what will happen;

Do you agree or disagree?

  • Agree: the place was a paradise; he ruined it
  • Disagree: he wasn’t crazy with greed; he became crazy with greed - no one tried hard enough to stop him, it wasn’t just the Once-lers fault
  • Disagree: he’s greedy not crazy

What do you think?

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